• "Marching"
  • "Lineup"
  • "Color Guards"
  • "Drums please"
  • "Good Times!"
  • "Pit Percussion"
  • "Full Band"
  • "Ex Machina"


Marching Band Schedule:

  • Tuesday: 3:30pm to 6pm
  • Wednesday: 6pm to 9pm
  • Thursday: 3:30pm to 6pm
  • Upcoming Dates for the Calendar:
    Friday, September 22: Home game, but no school. Call time will be 3PM.

    The Competition on September 30th has changed locations. We are now attending the Hermitage Classic, in Henrico county (outside Richmond). Detailed itinerary to follow shortly.

    Saturday, Oct 14: MetLife Competition – We will need parent volunteers for chaperones and pit crew, knowing that many chaperones will need to double as pit crew and vice versa. There will be space on the buses for chaperones/pit crew, however, there will be a small fee for volunteers (same process as spring trip) to cover bus and hotel costs for adults. Details are still being worked out, but will be coming soon.

    The Competition on Oct 21st has also changed locations. More details will follow via email.