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2017 Marching Bulldog Leadership Team

Alto Sax: Bobby Monroe and Makiyah Rifenberg

Bari Sax: Aaron Reuter

Baritone: Aida Dieng, Ethan Hanover, and Matthew Seetoo

Bass Clarinet: Tony Russo

Battery: Steven Ruckert and Harry Schlatter

Clarinet: Kathryn Finn, Emma Grenfell, and Victor Madrid

Colorguard: Abby Munt and Shamina Sahib

Drum Major: Matthew Montgomery and Scarlett Sullivan

Field Crew: Halle Beard, Kylie Conner, Sarah Hoffman, Hanna Lagura, Bayley Malo, Ainsley Miller, Keiry Montiel, Lauren Parra, Caroline Rakestraw, and Daniel Tobin

Flute: Morgan Lattomus, Meredith Miller, and Maggie Monroe

Front Ensemble: Gopika Ramesh and Dexter Schebish

Mellophone: Cortland Comer and Meagan Ngyuen

Trumpet: Aislin Carpenter, Lauren Newport, and Erin Warren

Tuba: Kyle Raymond



Uniform Fittings – Separate emails have been sent out to sign up for fittings and volunteers. All non-Marching Band students who are in town should plan to sign up to be fitted next week on Monday and Tuesday from 3-6 PM. Marching students will be sized during practice. To sign up non-Marching Band students, please go to the Charms/Calendar and sign up for a time to be fitted for your concert band uniform.

Instrument Rental Contract – If you are renting a school instrument or have a percussion student, there will be a separate table to collect the contracts. Do not submit it with your registration forms. A separate check should be written for the rental fee (made out to FCPS but separate from band fees). There is also a newer form that we have been asked to use. The instrument rental contract form is located on the website at the same place as the registration forms under the documents tab. If you are applying for free/reduced fees, the fee is $20 and the contract and check should be given directly to Mr. Johnson. If you have questions about this, please email Mr. Johnson at apjohnson@fcps.edu.

Instrument Lockers - Students are asked to NOT place locks on their instrument lockers until all of the assignments have been made. This may be next week or later, but please hold off on putting a lock on your locker or what you think is your locker until you have been given the go ahead.